Nicaragua – Here we come!

When Wesley was chosen from our church youth group to go on a missions trip to Nicaragua last summer, the rest of us Borden’s were all wishing we could go too! We knew in our hearts that we would get to go someday, but we didn’t now when. Just about as soon as Wesley came home he began dreaming about going back. How exciting to share with you today, that he’s been given his chance to return to this amazing country, and this time we all get to go too – all 7 of us! As crazy as it is, we are going for spring break. We got a screamin’ deal on our tickets, and will be gone from March 8 – 19.

Our church has been building a relationship with the people of Ameya, Nicaragua for about 5 years now and we look forward to having a chance to meet the people of all the amazing experiences we’ve heard over these last several years. We look forward to experiencing first-hand what God is doing and how it is that we can jump in on His movement. How exactly we will spend our time is still coming together, but Wesley is looking forward to showing us the bathrooms he helped to build as well a library he was able to work at. He looks forward to seeing and introducing us to children he played with too. As a family, we are excited to build relationships, learn and serve. We also see this as a vision trip – an opportunity to go and learn how it is that we can continue as a church to get more families down to learn and serve together as whole families. It has been several years since we’ve been able to just get out of town as a whole family, and we are delighted as can be that it is a trip like this that get’s us going!

With such a short amount of time to get all of our ducks in a row, we covet your prayers. As a family we are excited to see God move through our prayers in the next several weeks. Would you please join us as we seek the Lord for all all that He has for us? We are also in need of financial support. Our bank account alone can not fully support a trip of this nature, so we are trusting God to provide for us through our church, friends, and family. To cover airfare and the expenses for all 7 of us to be n Nicaragua we really are looking to raise a total of $4,000 more. If you would like to give towards our Borden family missions trip simply click here to donate now through PayPal or send us a check! We are in the process of coming up with ways to communicate our adventure both now as we pray and get ready, as well as for during our actual time in Nicaragua. We’re planning on using this blog as one method of keeping you all in the know.

Thanks for journeying with us!

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