A Letter To YOU!

Greetings Partners in the Adventure!

Thanks for praying & being such enthusiastic supporters! You are such a gift to our family & we are deeply grateful for each one of you.

Since our return from Nicaragua in March, our hearts really have been crying out for more adventure as a family to experience God in new ways as we serve together and as we take time to pray each morning “How is it God, that You will have us love this day?”  We spent time over the summer praying about an extended time for us in Nicaragua, & we continue to get confirmations that this is what we are supposed to do.  We are so encouraged that this continues to not be just a vision of one of us but a vision God is unfolding to all 7 of us!

Mike & I were able to both attend the Global Leadership Summit a few weeks ago, & took home some great ideas & language to share with our kids.  We are greatly encouraged by one of the speakers (Patrick Lencioni), realizing that although we had never spoken specifically about it until we got home that night, that God really has given the 7 of us 3 “strategic anchors” for this trip.

  1. An opportunity for us to serve together as a whole family
  2. To begin new and deepen existing relationships with those of the Covenant Church of Ameya and the Library Staff in San Juan del Sur
  3. Extended family time to be able to invest in us for a season

All that said, after a summer of praying, we came to that place of having to really decide – are we all in or not? The days keep passing by, & if we are going to be able to go in February, we need to be making forward movement on a lot of both little & big details.

& so, YES.  All 7 of us Borden’s are officially taking that leap of faith together.  Hoping to leave for Nicaragua in early February & returning in August 2013 in time for the kids to begin school – for Wes, his senior year!

Please read through our Post – “Little & Big List” to learn of ways you can join us in prayer.  In the meantime, know we love you & pray for you too!

Peace Be With You,

Diane (on behalf of all us Borden’s)

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