SPEED Play-dough!



We are pretty sure we aren’t the first ones to make up this game, but we don’t think we’ve ever played it before either.  It’s a very simple game.  Everyone gets a tub of dough and rolls it into a ball.  Then the caller announces how many seconds everyone has to create something.

For example:  “In 20 seconds, create a flower!”

After 20 seconds, the announcer says, “Hands in the air!”

Everyone put’s their hands up, and the judge looks around at all of the creations and a winner is selected.  It’s not complex and there are many variations! The most difficult part, really is how quickly the clock goes!

We’ve had a blast playing this in all sorts of settings with all sorts of age groups.  We left the last of our dough in Ameya though, so I think we’ve concluded our races for now!


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