Not Just Another Sunday in Ameya


Veronica & Wes

Sunday’s are always full  on in Ameya, but this Sunday was spectacular.  Pastor Francisco had an idea about hosting a community fair about 1 x a month at the church.  For community building, but also so that people could bring things to sell.  With the group from Colorado visiting, this seemed like the perfect Sunday to try it out.

Sunday’s always have more people around, with ministry for kids and the vocational school meeting, so why not add venders, entertainment, and more? The morning began with a little entertainment, and 5 Borden’s got to be a part of it!

Even with all of the fun of the event going on, the vocational school still met.  Wes worked with the Agriculture Class, the Richter Girls & Olivea went to the Beauty Class, Scott, Heidy, & Edwin jumped in to help cook lunch, Heather and some of the Borden girls went to help in the English class – everyone found a place to fit.

And then, lunch was served!

A super fun treat was Rebecca hosting a cooking class – Learning how to make No Bake Cookies! Yum! Such a great idea!

The Richter’s were so full of great ideas of things to share.  They also brought materials for a hands-on activity that would connect with a part of their story that they would share just a few hours later during the church service.

After a time of worship, Russ Bruxvoort shared with Esau translating.  Our family loves that we get to share our last few days in Ameya with friends from Colorado.  The Richter family also share some of their story and the significance of the Anchors we just made.

It was a long day that is for sure! But a great day so filled to the brim with His goodness!




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