Tutu’s by Olivea

LOVE her!

In June, I had put a call out for Pretty Princess dresses.  I really wanted to be able to give every girl in Ameya a new dress.  About 15 came in by the time the group came down from Colorado.  Thank you very much if you were someone who donated a dress.

I thought there was about 35 girls, but what I found out is there were actually over 50, just age 10 and under.  When you are with a group, it is important if you give a gift that you have one for everyone.  Knowing there wasn’t enough, Rebecca Richter (from CO) had a great idea of just making “No Sew” Tutu’s for all of the girls instead.  Such and great idea, and it really worked out perfect! THANK YOU REBECCA!

We had enough for every girl, and after they were all passed out we had a chance to dance together for about an hour in them.  I will never forget this day – not ever!

P.S. All of the dresses will still be given out to girls in Ameya.  Simply in appropriate times when the groups aren’t as large.  THANK YOU for your generosity!

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