The Bug Squads Final Appearances

We wore our bug costumes for the last time this week when we visited two rural San Juan del Sur Schools – Capulin and Chamorro. Capulin is probably my favorite school.  It is small and they are doing so many things “right”.  Jackelin is the schools directora and a teacher of a multi-skill level and age class.  She is inspiring to watch in action and I learn knew tricks of the trade from her everytime we visit and have a chance to see her in action.  I’d love to see the library host a workshop for teachers and have Jackelin teach “read-a-loud” tecniques to her fellow teachers.

Chamorro is another great school – nearly 6 x’s the size of Capulin though! We made our way through each of the classes and were relieved we had enough materials left to cover them all! The library staff woked with the kids who were ready to turn in books and check out a new one so the whole school was pretty happening.  Such a fantastic way to finish out this season.  Many thanks to Edwin for making sure there was enough transportation for all 7 of us Borden’s to fit in!

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