Seashell Priorities

We’ve been home a FULL week now, and yet we remember our last night in Nicaragua well.  IMG_5554

One of the things we did during our yearly family planning was to spend time processing through our priorities – as individuals and as a whole family.  It was really revealing in some special ways and I loved that when we each shared our top 3 we found that many of us shared the same priorities.  How cool is that!

I had been a part of an exercise where you write your priorities down on rocks – filling in a bowl with dirt and then adding the rocks and water, and then redoinging the exercice putting your rocks – your priorities into the bowl first, so that then when you fill it in with the rest of the dirt & water – all of what life bombards you with, you still find space for your priorities.  And since we were on the beach, of course we did our exercise with shells!

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