A Homestay for our Final 2 Weeks


The Borden – Castro Family!

While in Nicaragua, we had the opportunity to experience a variety of housing options – Hotels, Condos, & Homes.  We also had opportunities to live right in town and also in the counrtry.  We lived in bigger towns and smaller, and in situations where we had a lot of space and just a little.  We are so grateful for the diversity we were able to experience.

Our last month was spent traveling around for a bit before returing to San Juan del Sur to finish up our last two weeks and so we knew we were looking for some short term housing. Finishing up our time too, we needed to keep to a pretty tight budget on what we could spend.  Our friend Tamara actually found our final place for us, & it hands down was our favorite of our entire 6 months!

We had two rooms, and so like most of our time in Nicaragua we were all sharing beds and space.  By this point in our journey we are super used to it though, and it’s not a big deal.  One thing we loved was the freedom to have friends over.  Some of our accomodations along the way were limiting, and we realized how important it was to us as a family to be able to share hospitality.  Some times for a meal and sometimes just for fun.

We shared the kitchen, so it took some planning to make things run smooth, but it worked fine.  We even had fun working on some cooking projects together!

There are many different types of homestays, and not every home would be able to welcome in a family of 7 so well.  We are so grateful for Dona Lucila and her family for loving us so well!

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