The Rutledges are missionary family we had met through our friend Jane Mirandette.  We had visited them in May and they were so impressed with our handy work, they invited us back with more projects in mind! They also had 3 children still at home who loved a chance to hang out and play with ours! We spent a few days with them in their home in Jinotega and then went to their mission house in Matagalpa for about a week.  While there, we were able to paint 3 more bedrooms and finish up the library we had gotten a great start on during our first visit.  Mike did many other projects and it was a great place for those of us who had been sick to rest up and begin to recover.

In all of Nicaragua, for some reason, Matagalpa was the most inexpensive restraunts. Cooking at the Matagalpa house had some chalenges, and so we found ourselves usually eating out once a day.  We found some places we loved, and some we didn’t.  I don’t have any pictures, but our favorite really was right next door.  No surprise, it was an organic farm to table restraunt that had daily lunch specials.  Always a fun surprise to see what they would serve – as they only had one option – unless by chance there were left overs from the day before.  It was a popular choice amongst many in our neighborhood, and so the opportunities to strike a fun conversation were exciting too!


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