Redwood Beach

Our friend Frank Rivas had wanted to take us to a special beach.  He said it was amazing! We believed him, but it was a few hours away from Chinandega, and just felt complicated at the time.  To figure out transportation as well as to spend money on more accomodations.  Our condo in Chinandega was the most expensive rent we had paid, so we really didn’t have funds to spare at the time.

A month later however when our plans changed at the last minute, we weren’t committed to renting,  we had a few days of limbo, and Frank asked us again, it seemed to make perfect sense.  Why not give Redwood Beach a shot?

We loved our very short weekend at Redwood Beach.  We played hard, relaxed plenty, ate gourmet meals, explored, encountered, enjoyed, envisioned…

We can’t wait for an opportunity to return! Thank You Mike & Stacy for your incredible hospitality!


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