A Little Christmas Time Update…

Wow!  Next week, we will have been home for 4 months already! Most days this feels like a blink. Today when it’s -6 in Colorado we long for an hour or two of lying on a warm sand beach in Nicaragua.  All said and done, our favorite Beach in Nicaragua was way up north – a delightful place called Redwood Beach.  Redwood Beach


But today, this fantasy stays in our heads and we all go to school and to work…

Our transition back into life here in Colorado has been more challenging than we ever imagined, but we are finding our way.  God is present and continues to teach us so much about living a life following after Him.


Mike with Don Guido @ Redwood Beach, Nicaragua

Mike is now working for a call center doing technical support for Tivo.  Work he actually finds to have some challenges but mostly excitement.  He appreciates the eclectic mix of folks he gets to work with.  Mike continues to volunteer with Boy Scouts and in children’s ministry and is looking forward to getting back into brewing beer with long time friend Dan Seavey this next week.


A day of sailing!

Diane returned to her job as a Children’s Minister and loves Sunday mornings with the kids! This is her 8th year serving in this role and her last with one of her own kids in her scope of ministry.  All of us kids are growing up! Once again, Diane took on the position of Volunteer Coordinator for a local production of the Nutcracker giving her the opportunity to work alongside 125 different cast members & their families.  She enjoys this opportunity very much and yet is always happy to see the show come to a close.  Diane will take a week off between Christmas and New Years and really looks forward to sleeping in, many days in her PJ’s, playing board games with her kids, and drinking lots of spicy chai tea latte’s!





Eagle Scout Ceremony

Wes is a senior in high school and was thrilled to be accepted into his first choice college.  He will be attending Prescott College in Arizona in August 2014.  Other highlights for Wes are earning his Eagle Scout rank in Scouting, learning how to drive, and having many opportunities to dabble in a variety of different film projects.  Wes is excited to spend the first 4 days of his holiday break cross country skiing into the woods to a remote yurt with a bunch of his guy pals.  So much fun!  His graduation is May 22nd for those who may want to join us for the big day!


Olivea at an Art Show


Introducing the Oli-Bo-Bolly Dolly!

Olivea is in 10th grade, and our most busy Borden.  Dancing in the Nutcracker, several dance classes a week, and running her business.  She’s still sewing clothing but has put most of her focus this fall on her dolls.  “Buy a Doll – Give a Doll” has been getting a lot of her time  and creative energy.  For every doll she shares, she makes another to send down to girls in 3rd world cuontries.  The first 57 will go to Ameya Nicaraguam and she actually hopes to be able to hand deliver the first shipment this spring.




A New Hair Color!

Audrey is in 7th grade and loves being able to ride her bike to school and have friends over several days a week.  She loves to cook, and we are a far happier family on the nights Audrey cooks dinner! She has recently started baking too, and is working towards perfecting her chocolate hot lava cake! For her 13th birthday she decided to dye her hair blue.  It turned out more of a black color but she was really happy with the change.





Lots of girls getting ready for the school dance at our house!

Miranda is in 6th grade – her first year of Middle School, and LOVES it! Miranda has always enjoyed the social aspects of school, but this year is growing in her appreciation for the academic opportunities as well.  In November she wrote her first novel as a part of Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Project) and was able to do a reading from it as a part of her schools Celebration of Learning night a few weeks ago.


Elaina & Diane on Bloom – A Mother Daughter Retreat

Elaina sings in the Bennett Choir

Elaina sings in the Bennett Choir

Elaina is in 5th grade, and her normal happy go lucky self.  She has participated in Odyssey of the Mind (creative problem solving) for many years and is thrilled that this year, her older brother gets to be her teams coach.  Elaina also sings in her schools choir, and the picture above is from their recent Holiday Concert.  This fall Elaina did not participate in any after school “stuff” and had so much fun just coming home and playing with the neighborhood kids.  Building forts, rollerblading, ziplining (yep! our neighbor built one in their back yard), and just enjoying life.  Sounds dreamy right?



As a family we have had an incredibly amazing year.  So grateful for all of the friends who have journeyed along with us and all of the new friends that we’ve made.  Love that some of you have even found yourselves here in Fort Collins for a visit! We LOVE to have people in our home! After living in 1 and 2 bedroom apartments for 6 months, our house in CO feels huge! Please come and help us fill it! :-)

Praying each one of you meets Immanuel in new and deeper ways in this next year.

Feliz Navidad!

La Familia Borden






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