Nicaragua Bound!


With Olivea having won the competition Saturday, she is feeling eager to get going on the next stage of her project – empowering women by providing them with a job.

The dates have yet to be set, or the plane tickets purchased, but we are looking over the calendar, and quickly trying to figure out the best possible 10 days to make a trip back to Ameya in these next 12 weeks!

The trip will be to deliver the first batch of dolls to the local girls as well as to host a training for women who currently participate in the sewing class at the vocational school, as well as others in the community who already have some sewing skills, and may be interested in making dolls too, and I (Diane) get to be the assistant! As much as our whole family would love to all come, this time we will just be sending 2 of us.

We are totally open to others joining us, so please let us know if this sounds like a trip you would want to be on.   We are currently looking specifically at April 22 through May 19th as a more narrowed down time frame and for 10 days to 2 weeks.  Only  so much communication and organization can be done from Colorado, so much work will be done on the ground once we get back in to the area.  So this trip will require lots of flexibility.  :-)  Can’t make a trip to Nicaragua this spring, consider helping make dolls for us to give away.  Simply email us back for more information on how!

Olivea hopes to take down 100 pounds of supplies with us, and so we are currently accepting donations of scrap fabric (or clothing) in good condition (3/8 of a yard and larger) especially skin colored cotton, muslin or bed linens, Buttons (2 matching – approximately 1/2″ in size or singles up to approximately 3/4″ in size) , Fiber Fill Stuffing and or Cotton Batting, Felt, Round Elastic Cording, & 5/8″ Sew on Velcro.  Please remember, part of the idea is to use what we already have – so don’t go to the store, simply look through your stash!

We are also accepting cash donations towards plane tickets and travel expenses for the two of us.  Olivea is able to use some of her prize winnings towards this trip, but doesn’t want to use it all (approximately $2,000 will be needed).

Many thanks for all of your continued support!

Love Diane (on behalf of Olivea too – who is actually on a school trip this week studying snow science! Such a cool school – they snowshoed into the woods to a hut that will be home base while they study avalanches, snow, & other so cool things to do with our Colorado winters!)

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