Thursday April 24th to Monday May 5th





It has been a whirlwind week or maybe weeks, and after winning the Global Leaders Young Entrepreneur Contest one week ago today, I’ve been eager to see if I couldn’t find a deal on plane tickets back to Nicaragua.

And today I did! Tickets that normally run around $700, were only $457! My mom and I will be going to Ameya, Nicaragua April 24th to May 5th to pass out my 1st batch of “Give” dolls and to teach a doll making training for the sewing class at the vocational school there.


 I sent out an email to my Oli-Bo-Bolly volunteers, and I wanted to give each of you an official invitation to join us on this very special trip too.  To check on flight options from your home-towns, you will need to fly into Managua, Nicaragua. is where we found our cheapest options today.  Additional expenses will be low.  We will live like Nica’s for 11 days –  chicken busses, beans & rice, and sooo much adventure to be had!

Please email me back it you might even be a little bit interested!

Happy Saturday!


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