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Olivea won a local competition a few weeks ago that will greatly help her to help further develop her doll project.  Here is the official press release – going out today! :-)

Young Entrepreneur Winners Press Release FINAL



Contact Information:

Name: Kristina Cash

Phone: 970.217.8786







FORT COLLINS, CO – The winner of the 2014 Global Leaders Young Entrepreneur Competition is Olivea Borden, a 10th Grader at Polaris Expeditionary Learning School. Olivea’s winning idea is a buy-one, give-one business model centered around her own creation, the Oli-Bo-Bolly Dolly. Oli-Bo-Bolly Dollies are handmade of recycled or repurposed materials. For every doll purchased in the U.S., another will be given to a young girl in Nicaraugua.

Borden, an expert seamstress, states that her purpose is to create a friendship between North American consumers and children of the third world, beginning with a partnership between Fort Collins, CO, and a community in Ameya, Nicaragua, where her family visited for a mission trip last year. To date, Borden has sold 46 dolls. Under her buy-one, give-one model, an additional 46 dolls will go to Nicaraguan girls. The dolls are currently being sold in two Old Town Fort Collins stores.

For her idea, Borden was awarded $1,000 and mentoring from the CSU Center for Entrepreneurship. She’ll also receive Business Start-Up consulting sessions from Kris Boesch, CEO of Choose People, and the opportunity to promote her idea at the CSU Blue Ocean Enterprises Challenge in May.

Runner-up in the competition was Luca Ordway, an 8th Grader from Kinard Middle School. Luca’s concept was the A-Packs Solar Charger for mobile devices. His concept design would be fully functional with any regular backpack and allows the user to charge a mobile device on a clip that can connect and disconnect from a backpack.

Luca was awarded business coaching from Charisse Bowen, director of the CSU Center for Entrepreneurship, and a tour and giftbox of goodies from Otterbox and OtterCares. Other contestants were Noah Fields, Tessa Novelli, and James Zheng, who each received feedback from the panel of five judges.

The Global Leaders Young Entrepreneur Competition was created as part of the Planet Youth offerings for the Sustainable Living Fair in September. The annual fair was cancelled in 2013, due to flooding, so the Competition was postponed until February 8, 2014. The presentations were held at the CSU College of Business, in the Bohemian Auditorium.


The Global Leaders Young Entrepreneur Competition provides an opportunity for young entrepreneurs from PSD middle and high schools to exercise their creativity and have fun, while learning how to innovate business solutions to local, regional and global problems. Students completed an application describing their business idea and then gave a three to five-minute presentation to the judges.


The competition was sponsored by CSU Center for Entrepreneurship, Fortified Collaborations, EntrepreNerds, Choose People, and the Sustainable Living Association.

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