A Letter To Update You All


I have just returned from a quick whirlwind of a week in Nicaragua where I was blessed to be able to teach a handful of classes for a Family Workshop hosted by the Covenant Church of Ameya. I also helped with a couple of trips with the mobile library project to two different rural schools. At one of them, kids were running out of the jungle with their books as they saw our truck coming down the bumpy dirt road! So cool! I continue to be amazed at the lack of resources – just even basic school supplies. One of the schools only had a single book for the teacher, but none for the students. The other had just 1 book to be shared per every group of 4 desks. While we were at the schools, we would read a book and then do a craft that went along with it. The craft was a challenge. The kids just don’t have many (or any) opportunities to mess around with glue, paint, or even colorful markers for that matter. Even the older students at both schools didn’t know how to use the scissors. An eye opener for me. Audrey had collected many items as a part of her 5th Grade exhibition project, and it was an honor to get to hand deliver these supplies to these schools. The teachers were extremely blessed. The final day, one of our translators competed in a surf competition – so we had a chance to spend the afternoon at the beach watching him and others surf. It was a really great trip.

Some of you might have read this on Facebook, so I apologize if it happens to be a repeat for you – just want to keep you in the know! ;-)

As you know, in March we were able to take a family missions trip to Nicaragua—all 7 of us!It was an incredible time in so many ways; unexpected ways.It was restful, adventurous, a time to both seek & serve God, a time of togetherness, and even a time of realizing areas in our life as a family that need a little tweaking.Here in the Fort, we are blessed with many different opportunities to enjoy life.We each participate in a variety of offerings with great enthusiasm.Unfortunately many of these opportunities are individual pursuits.We find ourselves spending less & less time as a whole family not only doing “stuff” together but just even being with one another.With Wesley beginning 11th grade in exactly two weeks, we feel a real urgency to do something about this now! Today!

Although we had a bit of a “plan” for how our time would be spent in Nicaragua, we also had great freedom to just seek the Lord each day.We took full advantage of praying each morning as a whole family & asking God how it is that He would have us love that day.“We’ve got 24 hours, how do You, Lord want to use it?” What a wild ride & adventure it was to see each day unfold & come together.Such an incredible gift to us!

Like Wesley last summer, we returned feeling like our trip was too short with a strong longing to return—deep in each one of us.Shortly after our return, we were also approached with the question “Would you ever consider coming back for an extended time?” Already having many conversations as a family along those lines we began to pray & ask God for what might be next for us as a family.

Combining our longing to return, our love to serve together as a family, & our huge need for a reset button as a whole. we have decided to fully try on the idea of returning to Nicaragua as short term missionaries—all 7 of us!With our church councils full blessing, we’ve begun to workthrough the many logistics to be able to do a longer trip such as this.We have a few non-negotiables as we pursue this idea, but even more opportunities to just be surprised with what God can do with our desires.Today, we can’t say we are definitely going, but we are definitely moving in that direction—until a closed door…

Our journey so far begins with a time frame defined with a departure date in early February & a return in mid-August 2013 (in time for Wes to begin his senior year!).I will be pursuing a leave of absence from my job January 1—August 31st, 2013.Mike will be pursuing the same from February 1st—August 15th.We’ve done some preliminary research on renting our home & plan to go this route.We are still trying to figure out the best options for our two vehicles as we are still making payments on them.We’ve researched school options for the kids & plan on homeschooling—with all 7 of us attending full time Spanish school together during our first 2 – 3 months in Nicaragua.

There are many opportunities to serve in Nicaragua.Some of these are with the libraries & education as well as with a local Covenant Church.As our church here in Ft. Collins has had an ongoing relationship with a church in Ameya, Nicaragua, we have a strong desire to invest in relationships and community here. On my recent trip I met a group from Food for the Hungry. There might be opportunities to also work with them. So many more logistics to process & pray through, but for today, we just want to make sure that as our friends & family you are in the know.Additionally, we are really seeking your prayers! We need them! Would you join us on our journey of seeking God and trying on this crazy idea? Would you be praying through these logistics with us as well as for us as a family as we live into the right now? There will be opportunities to give financially for those who are interested & able later so stay tuned! Today though, if you are able to be a part of our prayer team, we sure would appreciate a quick e-mail back to let us know.We’ll then be sure you are up to speed on the latest & greatest from us!

Many Thanks! -Diane (on behalf of all us Borden’s!)

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