Come On Over!

To get our house ready for a renter, we will need to finish up many projects we’ve already started!  You could say we’re in a state of mid-remodel, & would benefit greatly by folks willing to come lend a hand.  We need to finish up some painting (including a little texturing), putting in a wood floor (nearly done!), help to make decisions on other flooring issues, a few general things that just need fixing, & a bathroom in need of some lovin’.  Our yard is also in need of some vision if that happens to be fun for you! At the moment, this feels like a big hurdle.

Projects are always more fun with friends, & it’s true, we need your help!

Join us Saturday, October 13th from 9 to Dark…or whenever you can jump in for an hour here and there.  We promise to feed you at appropriate times, offer you cold beer & water, and gift you with fantastic fellowship!  Need more details, simply call Mike! 420-5336!

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