Up The Poudre…

The Poudre River

I get to do ministry with and  for a pretty amazing church.  I was hired July 1st, 2006 just to fill in while a search took place to find a permanent person.  I loved it from the get go, and was so excited when I was asked to say on.  Many highs and lows in all of these years, but when asked the question – What is your dream job? – I can honestly answer, “This is it! I’m doing it!”  Well into my 7th year now, I truly am living the dream! Putting this aside to leave for 6 months in Nicaragua is absolutely my hardest thing to do.

I got to spend the better part of the last couple of days up the Poudre with our Pastoral team from the Covenant Church praying, planning, processing, and yes, even a little playing (Anyone ever here of the game Probe?).  It was a wonderful time.  I really look forward to seeing how 2013 unfolds and how God continues to transform lives.

Planning for me obviously looks a little different this year, and I’m still trying to really get my head & heart around what it looks like to transition out and back in well and keep ministry with children at our church going strong.  Stay tuned! I’ll be sure and share as I get a little further down the road!

Our church council has made some decisions on how they plan to handle my position while I am gone.  A letter from them will be going out to folks who regularly attend our church this week.  We’ll be sure to post a copy of the letter here too.

Our family is so grateful for each of you.  Thanks for being apart of our adventure and our story.


Staff Retreat



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  • http://www.facebook.com/frances.c.way Frances Cowan Way

    What a great looking staff! How can we help but love these guys/gals?