A Letter From Our Church Council

October 18, 2012

Hello ECC church family,

In our efforts to keep our church body “in the know”, we thought it appropriate to send out a letter to celebrate what is happening in the life of Diane Borden and her family.  Did you know Diane and Mike are now officially “Covenanters in World Mission”!? After their return from from their family trip to Nicaragua in March they felt God might be calling them back. They desired more adventure and also wanted to experience God in new ways as they served together as a family.  Over the summer they spent time praying about spending an extended time in Nicaragua. The whole family feels that they have continued to receive confirmation that this is what God is calling them to. So they are planning an extended short term mission trip to Nicaragua.

What are the specifics you may ask?  As of now, they plan to leave for Nicaragua mid-February 2013 and to return to Fort Collins mid-August, 6 months later.  They will begin their trip in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.  They then plan to move out in mission with hopes of concluding their time serving and building deeper relationships in Ameya.  Diane’s heart is to return to ECC after this time with a renewed and refreshed vision of how she might go about serving.  She assured the council she didn’t feel she was done with children’s ministry here at ECC. We, the council, responded very positively to Diane and Mike’s dreams of pursuing a short-term mission for their family.  We believe it will be an enriching time, not only for the Borden family, but also for our church body as they bring back new  experiences and relationships.  We also acknowledge that our children’s ministry cannot go without a leader for six months.  To that end, we are exploring some options for bringing in a temporary staff member to lead children’s ministry in Diane’s absence.  We will be monitoring the children’s ministry program closely. This is new territory for our church as we have never had a staff member leave for six months to pursue a short-term mission trip and have discussed with Diane our current leave policies and our plan for her time away.  As we, the council, discussed Diane’s absence we discovered our existing policies don’t fit this type of leave.  We are seeking wisdom and are excited to experiment with this kind of opportunity and we see potential for great growth all around.

Please join us in prayer for the Bordens and our search for the person God has joining our staff during this time of Diane’s absence.

The Borden’s also have much more information on their blog, which you can visit at www.bordenmission.org.

Warmly, ECC Council

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