Little and Big List!

Little and Big List! 

Updated 12/12/12

These are some of the details floating around in our hearts, & brains, & prayers.  Please join us in prayer as you are led.

1.  We purchased our plane tickets & are leaving town on Feb. 11th.  We are so excited & we have so many crazy logistics to figure out, & the time is going by quickly! We’ve rented our home to a refugee family, which we are so excited about, but will be moving out on December 21st – 9 days from now!

2.  We are still waiting to hear back from Mike’s employer.

3.  I have found folks to cover my position at the church while we are gone and need to firm things up with them – hopeful our transition can begin on 1/13/13.

4.  We are actively seeking both prayer & financial supporters.

5.  We have officially begun to fundraise & could use your help brainstorming some creative ideas!  We are grateful that Wes was hired on to work the tech crew for the entire Nutcracker season.  We are still in need of around $18,000!

6.  With our early move-out date, we already have our 7 check bags packed for Nicaragua.  We are in need of a basement or someones garage to store them until 2/11/13.

7.  To get our house ready for a renter, we will need to finish up many projects we’ve already started.  We also recently had a toilet explode & flood our poor house.  We did end up filing an insurance claim and are excited to be able to hire professionals to come and do some of the work.  It all seems to take so much time, & at the moment, this feels like a big hurdle.  We are still awaiting final approval from our insurance adjuster.  Today would be a GREAT day to get this back.  Very few rooms in our house our unaffected by this, but we are doing the parts we can do.  Younger girls room freshly painted and carpet cleaned – check!

8.  We have already rented our Volkswagen Bug, but would love to also rent our 2006 Scion Xb.  Interested? Know someone who might be? We’d love to talk logistics.

9.  We are super encouraged to have been pursued by our denomination to be “Covenanter’s in Mission” a small group of folks being sent out with other sending organizations.  We are excited that they will consider each member of our family a missionary vs. just the adults.  We are also thrilled for the extra prayer support this will bring our way.  The Ameya church has never formally gone through the process to become “officially” Covenant.  We are praying that God would use our family to be bridge builders in building relationships between the two.

10.  We want to give a lot of focus to improving our Spanish.  Going to school as a whole family to see what we can do to eliminate our language barriers.  We have already begun learning as a family & hope to attend school there for a minimum of our first 4 weeks in Nicaragua.  There are many options for classes.  We are praying to land in the right fit for our family of varied ages and stages.  Spanish School will be one of our largest expenses.  We would love to find a donor to specifically cover this expense for us.

11.  We are in a busy season as a family, finding ourselves stretched pretty thin.  Please pray for our continued unity as a family.  Our commitments to the Nutcracker will end on Saturday with a final 7 pm show in Cheyenne, WY.

12.  We are starting to find it difficult to be present when we are giving so much thought towards 2013.  We would appreciate prayers for us as we focus on the day to day as well.  J

13.  Mike’s folks will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary 12/23.  We will be traveling to MN to attend their party.  Please be praying for the logistics around this & for the weather we will be driving through.  For the past several years now we have been a cash family (no credit cards), to rent a car for this trip, we need a credit card on hand in our name.  So glad we checked to find out that our debit card would not work.  We were approved for a credit card yesterday – please pray for its arrival by noon 12/21.

14.  We have met with both of our kids schools, & are coming up with a good plan for the kids schooling – prayers for continued discernment would be great!










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  • Lyon’s

    Celebrating with you Bordens – God is moving and working and blessing!! So fun to walk this journey with you. Also PRAYING for you and all the little and big details. May you be “present” and yet walk with full “anticipation” :)

    • The Borden’s


  • Burke’s

    You are such an amazing family!!! We would be happy to help you; you are always in our prayers and we will gladly keep your luggage for you.