A Reminder…& An Update…

Over and over again, I hear God telling me, “You do not need to know what’s next. You do not need to know my plans. You only need to know me.” These words have been stretching my faith into uncomfortable territory and it is there I hear His voice reminding me He is also my comforter.

Wishing YOU Comfort

In less than 1 month now we will board our first plane en route to Nicaragua.   We are beyond excited, and we also take a great big breath! This weekend we will finish up the final details on our home and pass the keys on to our renters.  This is one more area we are both excited and nervous about all at the same time! As much as we will really miss being in our home, it will be really good to have it rented and this big logistic for us in motion!

We see God working out the big and little details of our trip right before us, every single day! Sometimes just as we imagined, and most times way different.  And so here it is…the 1 day less than a month to go update of our BIG & Little List!

Little and Big List!

Updated 1/12/13

These are some of the details floating around in our hearts, & brains, & prayers. Please join us in prayer as you are led.

  1. We purchased our plane tickets & are leaving town on Feb. 11th – less than 1 month away now! We are beyond excited!
  2. My friend Kaia Draijer will be jumping on board at our church to help cover my position while we are gone.  Kaia is amazing in so many ways, and I really am excited for how she can not only keep things going while I am gone, but how she might grow areas of ministry too.  I am still looking for one more person to hire.
  3. We are actively seeking both prayer & financial supporters.  We feel like our fundraising is going well.  As of today we have 75 different households officially supporting us (that we know of!), with $16,055.00 in gifts and pledges. Our goal is $25,000.00 though, so we still do have a ways to go. We have begun to wonder what it would look like to be continuing to raise funds while in Nicaragua, but do hope it is all raised before we leave.
  4. Our home is ready! We have renters that will be signing a lease on Monday.  Being able to rent our home was one of those things we had to do to be able to go.  We are so grateful to have this one covered! Praying for a smooth transition and minimal hicups along the way.
  5. We have already rented our Volkswagen Bug, but would love to also rent our 2005 Scion Xb. Interested? Know someone who might be? We’d love to talk logistics.
  6. We are super encouraged to have been pursued by our denomination to be “Covenanter’s in Mission” a small group of folks being sent out with other sending organizations. We are excited that they will consider each member of our family a missionary vs. just the adults. We are also thrilled for the extra prayer support this will bring our way. The Ameya church has never formally gone through the process to become “officially” Covenant. We are praying that God would use our family to be bridge builders in building relationships between the two.
  7. We want to give a lot of focus to improving our Spanish. Going to school as a whole family to see what we can do to eliminate our language barriers. We have already begun learning as a family & hope to attend school there for a minimum of our first 4 weeks in Nicaragua. There are many options for classes. We are praying to land in the right fit for our family of varied ages and stages. Spanish School will be one of our largest expenses. We would love to find a donor to specifically cover this expense for us.  We are also looking into some online class options for our two High Schoolers, so that they can be earning credit for school here at the same time.
  8. All of our big commitments have now come to an end.  We find great relief in this, and we still feel like we are running all over the place.  With our house now rented, would you pray we can find more time to just settle? Our focus now really is just on getting the last of our “majors” in place (car rented & jobs finalized), fundraising, and unity as a family.
  9. We have met with both of our kids schools, & are coming up with a good plan for the kids schooling – prayers for continued discernment would be great! Things felt sucure until they started back this week.  Suddenly, I had all sorts of 2nd thoughts on how we were going about it all.
  10. Every day we think about new little logistics we havn’t thought about before – mail, banking, etc. that needs figuring out – prayers that these little things would feel manageable too!



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