Housing Needs

Our current housing will come to an end on January 28th.  We are in need of a place(s) to stay for our final two weeks in town.  Many of you offered places some weeks ago, but we just weren’t able to absord and get organized about this portion of our planning until now.  If you are able to extend a little hospitality in our direction, we would love to hear (back) from you.

Days we need what:

Tuesday 1/29 – Thursday 1/31

Friday 2/1 – Saturday 2/2 (just 4 of us – Wes, Miranda, & Elaina will be away for the weekend)

Sunday 2/3 (all 7 of us)

Monday 2/4 – Thursday 2/7 (6 of us  – I’m in San Diego for the week)

COVERED:  Friday 2/8 – Sunday 2/10 – We’ll be at the Draijer’s house! ;-)

Monday 2/11 – Nicaragua Bound! :-)


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