An Update From Audrey

Although we still have to get our house rented, I know that whatever happens, happens for a reason. Whether I am here in Colorado or in the third world, God is with me, and I know He loves me… a phrase that my mom says to me was not clear to me before, but now I realize the true meaning,” We are a family and we work together.” Families are important – God picks them for each of us.   God put me in this family for a reason…

It’s been a lot of work, but I want to go to Nicaragua, to teach others about God, and so it’s all worth it.

Audrey Leilani Borden

We leave in less than three weeks now! Here are some prayer requests from our family for this week!

1.  To rent our house – even this very week.  (We hired a Property Management Company today)

2.  For family unity

3.  For our fundraising – just $7,000.00 to go!

4.  For our dog Bubbles to be happy in her new home

5.  For my parents and all of the things they are figuring out each day

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