1 Week! Phew! Wow! Kapow!

We can officially say now, that we are getting on an airplane south in 1 week! We are excited to say the least!

The kids will spend their week filled with LOTS of friends and a little school, Mike who was given 3 personal days this year for work is excited to use them all this week! I am headed to San Diego for a work related conference through Friday.

It feels a little nutty going away this week – my last week in town, but it also feels really right (minus missing out on the week with my family).

I’ll have little to no email this week, so I wanted to put out a quick update with so much to celebrate and some right now prayer requests!

We are celebrating that all of our financial loose ends got taken care of last week! Debit cards arrived, we got our taxes turned in, our 2nd insurance check arrived from our claim, & continued support money came in!

We are celebrating homes for both cars, and nearly a renter for our home.  Can you even stand it! A refugee family arrives from Baghdad on Wednesday!

We are celebrating total coverage of my position and the children’s ministry department at our church – I really did make the final hire in the very last hour of my very last day in the office! Phew!  I am THRILLED with this team of 3 and excited to see all that God does through them in these next 6 months!

Prayer Requests For This Week:

1.  Logistics – Mike has a HUGE list for while I am away.  Fortunately he has 3 days off of work to complete many of them.

2. BLESSINGS upon the 2 families splitting our kids for the days Mike does have to go to work.  THANK YOU Draijer & Davis Families!

3.  Wes has his Board of Review for his Eagle Scout Rank TONIGHT at 7 pm.  I am so proud of him for keeping at it – and getting this big deal taken care of before we leave! Wes also takes his ACT’s on Saturday – He’s done zero preparation.  I’m actually OK with that, just prayers that he can do his very best, and this can be a solid representation of where he’s at.

4.  For continued peace – we’ve still got it! For family unity – it’s been lacking these last couple of days! For Mike to not feel totally uncelebrated (our 18th Anniversary is actually TODAY! & his 49th Birthday is on Sunday)

5.  Our church Missions Team – This is an amazing team at our church.  Full of passion and love for this great big world of ours.  We’ve always loved them, but seeing them at work a little more first hand this week – well, our respect runs deep.  They meet tonight, to discuss many things, one of which will be how it is they can support us financially.

We love you deeply friends! Walk out boldly this week in the blessings YOU have already received! :-)


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  • harmony

    so excited for you all!!!!

  • Sally

    Been thinking about you. Wishing you all many blessings on your big adventure.