Happy Valentines Day Post!

Feliz día de San Valentín!

We haven’t had much internet access, but this morning, we’ve got it! So, while the girls swim, I’ll update!

The guys left early this morning to help install a new water tank at a school, we all were going to go, but then the girls and I were asked to help with Valentines Day Crafts at the library.  It seemed like a better fit for our skill set, and as we won’t have to be there until noon, makes our morning a bit more leisurely.

In general we are trying to take these first couple of weeks to rest and get settled in, but it’s great to jump in and help here and there too.

We left Denver on Monday night, and let’s just say it’s worth a post of its own sometime.  What I will say now, is that it started of as a real challenge that resulted in us nearly not being allowed to get on our first plane.  We prayed, and absolutely saw God’s hand of mercy show up.  I promise to put words to this story sometime soon.

We are really happy to be here all as a family, our condo is perfect, we will start Spanish school next week, & we are settling in & finding our way….So blessed we get to do this, and grateful to have each of you a part of this journey!

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  • Lindy

    So glad you made it safely. I wonder if your almost mishap in Denver had anything to do with not having proof of return in 3 months. We actually missed our flight to Costa Rica (from Denver) because of that and had to buy fully refundable one way tickets to the tune of $3000. It’s all part of the adventure! So fun to see your pictures. I keep thinking “awww I remember getting our library cards!” “I remember our first trip to Pali!” Have fun!!!

    • Diane Borden

      You are spot on…Although our tickets times 7 were over $5,500.00! Yikes…It was an absolute MIRACLE of God that our account even showed we had that kind of $. We don’t use credit cards – only debit. The way we’ve organized our support – it comes from our church just once a month. We ended up using our primary account for the on the spot tickets, and only because a check we had written had not been cashed yet did it clear at the airport…Yikes! And THANK YOU LORD! We canceled the tickets, and within literally minutes the uncashed check appeared on our account! WOW! & yikes! & phew!