Loving Through Play – by Audrey

Let's go fly a kite!

Let’s go fly a kite!

This morning we went down to the beach to fly kites and play with Frisbees.  At first it was just our own family, but soon both kids and adults came to join us.  The men selling pottery, boys & girls, couples from off of the cruise ship & even the locals.  There is something about kites that just makes people happy.  Even the people eating their lunch at the beach side restaurants were taking pictures.  Sometimes we got the kites flying really high, and sometimes they just nose dived into the beach or water.  It didn’t really matter.  This shows that even by just playing you can share God and His love with others.  I like that when you play, you need very few words.  It does not matter that you don’t know the same language well.  God just takes care of all of the awkwardness – all you have to do is laugh.  :-)

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