Quicksilver Surf Competition, Pitaya Festival, and simply an afternoon at the beach!

We spent the afternoon at Hermosa Beach today.  There was an international surf competition and a music festival there today, so we thought we would see what it was all about.  The advertised FREE shuttle wasn’t panning out, so we found the lone cab driver willing to cram the 7 of us into his little Toyota, and off we went! We were disappointed to spend funds this way, but it seemed the best option at the time.

Once at the beach, we checked in with our friends – Christian Surfers International.  They were passing out shirts and water bottles to the competitors, and helping out in other ways too.  Our friend Heather looked so beautiful and official under the tent with her clipboard!

I loved watching the surfing, but the rest of the family seemed to have about a 15 minute attention span.  They wasted no time jumping into the water, building elaborate sand castles, racing Hermit Crabs, and looking for treasures! It was a wonderful time.  As we were near the  surf competition announcer, there was loud music…which of course meant lots of spontaneous dance too!

As the sun went down, we made our way to the music festival, found a few treats to share, before heading back to find another Free shuttle back to town…that also didn’t pan out.  After waiting for some time, we found a pay shuttle with a driver willing to cut us a deal…phew!

Here’s the official Video from the Festival – be sure to click your back button when you’ve finished watching to get back onto our blog. :-)

A great day was had by all!

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