Going Painting

Today we joined up with Esau & Heather from the Biblioteca, 2 students in town from the German Red Cross, & Jonathon from http://lifeoutofthebox.com/   to go paint a rural school.  Roman & Agusto jumped in too, and we were glad they were a part of our team.  It was a really hot and dirty job, but the highs were getting to spruce up the place a bit, engage with the children (I loved hearing their deep belly laughs as they played), see Jonathon (& his great big heart) deliver a notebook and pencil to every student in one of the classes, and just enjoy conversation with the team as we worked.  We were trilingual, and I laughed when someone in our group sneezed.  “God Bless You”, ” Gazoontite (forgive the spelling), and “Salud” all came out from the small room.   It was a GREAT day! I’ll let our pictures tell the rest of the story, but please ask if there seem to be some gaps along the way.  :-)


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  • kaiawatha

    SO fun! Loved the pictures. :)

  • Heather

    oh thanks for emailing me the link again! i loved reading through and cannot believe the work you did on that building so quickly! what a gift…. even for the toad.

    Blessings to the Bordens – love, Heather