Our Budget

We are now beginning to raise support specifically for our 2013 Missions Trip. We would love to find 25 supporters to give $100 a month for each of the 6 months we are in Nicaragua. We are also looking for friends willing to gift towards specific one time expenses. Please check out our budget below for more information on ways you can support our family.  Checks can be written out directly to us or to our church (The Covenant Church) if a donation letter is desired*.

25 Supporters Giving $100/month each:  Total Monthly Budget – $2,300.00 (x 6 months)

Housing (including electric) $1,000.00
Meals $700.00
Water ($5.00 a day) $150.00
Transportation $200.00
Cell Phones $50.00
Spontaneous $170.00
Medical $30.00

Give Specifically Towards A One Time Expenses

Airline Tickets ($600 x 7) $4,200.00
Entry Fee ($10 x 7) $70.00
Travel to $ ($20 x 7) $140.00
Travel from $ ($20 x 7) $140.00
Airport to SJDS Transport $100.00
SJDS to Airport Transport $100.00
Spanish School Per Month: $2,240.00 (Taken for the 1st month, then reevaluated)

Audrey, Miranda, & Elaina $200.00 (per week total for 3)
Diane & Olivea $180.00 (per week total for 2)
Mike & Wesley $180.00 (per week total for 2)

Trip To Ameya – For each time we go
Transportation (round trip) $300.00 
Hotel (per night) $100.00 
Meals (per day) $50.00

Special Project Funds – Any ammount!  We would love to have a special fund just for projects.  As we come accross needs or opportunities to give in specific ways, we would love to be able to jump right in.  Your gift to this fund will be used to support local initiatives.

*Checks written out to our church will not necessarily go spefically towards our trip.  They will go specifically into the missions budget though, which will be supporting us while we serve in Nicaragua.

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