International Women’s Day – Dia de Mujeres

We just came home from a celebration for International Women’s Day.  It was just across the street , and when we heard the Folkloric dancers would be there, we grabbed our chinelas and headed over.  It was sort of a funny event, but all were having a grand time.  Nicaraguans really do know how to celebrate & laugh hard at the end of the day.   In and out of music, dancing, and downright hysterical contests (with prizes mind you!), there was a lot of talk we didn’t recognize the Spanish words for – but phrases always ended in one of 3 ways:  Viva Mujeres, Viva Hugo Chavez, or something about the Sandinista party.

Sitting there, and even now as I am back at our condo,  I thought/think about the differences for women here vs. for women in Colorado.  The differences for women here and the women in Ameya.  There are many.  There are also some similarities.  Tonight I will try and focus on the ways we are the same – it’s a much sweeter spot to rest as I close my eyes and go to sleep.

(My pictures aren’t great – it was really dark out, but I love the backdrop of the church behind the dancers)

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