La Hospitalidad en la granja

Yesterday we were shown some incredible hospitality – hospitality, actually like we have never experienced ever before.  Elaina met her friend Ashley at an art class, and her family invited ours to spend the day with them in the country.  With our language barriers, we really weren’t sure what to expect.  Whatever it may have been though, our minds and hearts were totally blown away!

As honored as we were to have been invited by this family, we clearly were the honored guests.  This family went above and beyond and to great lengths to show us a good time and feed us an amazing meal.  We were humbled as we began to realize some of what this looked like practically.   While this family prepared a feast for us, they chose to eat much more simply (in the kitchen) a meal of beans and rice.

After the pictures, we will share some additional reflections from our day at the farm, although this will be one I am sure that we will continue to “unpack” for a really long time.


Reflections from the farm:

Mike:  I was amazed at the great hospitality that was shown us by friends we had just met.  They went out of their way to make us feel welcomed and cherished.

Wes:  The farm was great, the porch was very relaxing.  I’d like to make a teeter totter like they had when I get back to CO.

Olivea:  I got to ride all of the different horses, that was awesome!

Audrey:  I liked seeing how different this farm was than farms in America.  My favorite part of the day was finally riding a horse at the end.

Miranda:  Cuddling kitties, chasing chicks, dressing the puppy in clothes, laying in the hammock, teeter tottering, riding in the back of a pick-up, swinging, watching monkey’s, riding horses, I loved it all!

Elaina:  I liked riding horses with Ashley.  The meal was great but I wish we would have eaten beans & rice instead.

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  • michelle lyon

    What a great snapshot of your day. Such a gift and blessing to receive such hospitality. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Betty Olson

    Thanks for sharing this special day. Loved the monkeys and of course the horseback riding! Hospitality is a treasure that not everyone can “do.” You were blessed! Betty