Carretas Peregrinas – Reflections by Miranda

2-13 1st Shopping Trip to the Pali
Time to get up although the dawn had not yet begun
Shivers up my spine, dark is the sky
A friend greets with much joy as two strangers not yet gone to bed search for their homes
Cool air
Ox & Horse drawn carts – they prance
Some children still sleeping
Searching for Familias de Masaya – Nikolas, Donde esta usted?
Finally, walking…stopping, waiting, walking, running, running fast, walking, waiting, walking
Ahh, riding!
A change of scenery from the back end of our carretas
Bumpy, clunky, chunky, Mangos falling down
Refreshment para frutas – 2 bottles of water
El Bano por favor said to a stranger along the way
The sun came up – scorching, skin burning, oh so cansada
We’re getting close now
Blowing up pupura balloons, pulling out la banderas
Decorating the carts in preparation for our arrival at la iglesia
Pop, pop, pop.  The chicken pops the balloons from on top of the cart
Walking, waiting, greeting
Crowds gathering as our parade of carts enters town
Celebration, warm wishes, school children all at the fence
Turn the corner and the church is in view
Sweat pouring
Anticipation growing
Edwin in sight such a delight
Church bells clanging, tuba’s tubing, trumpets blowing, drummers drumming
The loud is quieted by the large stained glass windows
Many people, many people more
La basura makes me feel sad
Booths of Souvenirs
Nuns selling Rosary necklaces, blessings, pictures, and event bandanna’s
Quick goodbyes then whisked away
Ahhh, cold Fanta Roja

The day before we walked, we had visited the camp to bring a meal and supplies to a family.  We hung out for several hours and had a chance to walk around the camp a bit.  It did feel awkward to take pictures, but I did manage to snap a few.

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  • Carol Christ

    Oh my, your are a beautiful and delightful family! Miranda, I love what you wrote. You are a writer with vision – I could really see everything from your words BEFORE I looked at the pictures! I hope you all get to keep all of this for the future, to look back on and SEE God in each other and in all these wonderful encounter with so many people.

    Mike, I am with you on the plants. I love to see God’s creativity in every little things He has made. Some times I wonder what He was thinking, literally, not sarcastically. He is SO creative.

    Peace and joy to you all. I am loving following along on your journey!
    thank you so,