Summer Princess Parade

This morning we were asked by a friend to join her for a parade.  The Summer Princess parade! We were told to bring bags of candy so we could throw it at the float.  We laughed at the idea of this, and the girls bought individually wrapped marshmallows so they wouldn’t hurt whoever they happened to hit.  Well, as it turned out, the candy was actually to give to the contestants for them to through out to the crowd.  More of what we are used to, but not nearly as fun! The biggest surprise of the parade was that we were in it too! Walking alongside of or behind the float – making 3 complete laps around the town! Sort of silly, and sort of fun all at the same time.  This is a culture that loves to celebrate! (there are 2 sideways pictures – so sorry…for the life of me, I could not get them to flip.   Sad.)

Tonight we went to the coronation – In a real live Nicaraguan nightclub.  Way outside of the comfort zone for many of us, and a very long night too! We actually arrived 1 hour late and the event didn’t begin for another hour beyond that.  We enjoyed some of the festivities but did bow out before they announced the winner…guess we’ll have to wait and read about it in the local newspaper!

Everyday an adventure!

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