Semana Santa in San Juan del Sur

Holy Week or Semana Santa here in Nicaragua is a big deal.  All over the world Christians are celebrating the death and Resurrection of Jesus and in Nicaragua it is also a national holiday.  With everyone off of work (the library was also closed!) and school, it is a long time tradition to head to the beach.  San Juan del Sur has beautiful beaches an is a hot spot for both Nicaraguans and tourists from around the world! They estimate well over 100,000 people came to San Juan del Sur! The crowd built slowly through the week, and once Thursday hit, it was hard to be out in the streets.  The music was loud from the beach, from the resorts, and from a nearby house (who actually had a helicopter drop someone off at one point)…We had a bit of a mush pot of noise that is for sure, & well into to morning…sigh

Many people came for just a fun time, but with an expected crowd, the thugs and theives followed.  It was a little hard to see our sweet little town transform, and I admit some fear around it all set in…for at least me (Diane).  The week opened up all sorts of conversations for us as a family – getting drunk, modesty, prostitution, street children…it also opened up other conversations as we witnessed century old traditions and processions of the Catholic Church.  We were glad to see what the whole thing was about, but decided if ever in Nicaragua again during Semana Santa, we would in fact avoid the beach!

Here are some pictures from the week – they are not good pictures, as we were being a little sneaky in taking them or they were at night.  Enjoy them anyway!

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