The Ways We Serve

We’ve been asked a couple of times lately about the ways we are able to serve as a family.  We have blog posts about some of these ways, but often times, there aren’t pictures to go along with some of the more daily things, so they never get posted.  Serving as a family looks different than serving as individuals, and serving with our different ages and stages adds a special dynamic too.  We love it when it works out for us to serve all together, and we intentionally seek out those types of opportunities.  We are not doing big projects everyday.  We are finding ways to engage the community we are living in everyday and to be a light.

Our bigger projects in these 8 weeks:  helped paint 4 different schools & 1 community center, led art/literacy at 3 different schools, led art for a community event, organized the library storage room, made craft kits and samples for an event, packed books for missionaries, packed & delivered books for another library, assembled craft kits for the mobile project, helped bring running water to two different schools for the first time, sorted 14 bins of books, led a lesson & art for a local kids church service, and served lunch to a family on the Carretas Pellegrinas (& then joined them the following day to pilgrim together).

There have been many smaller things, and we still are hoping to host a few “Art in the Park” afternoons.  It is amazing, that we have already been here for two months! Our time in Nicaragua has been rich!

We had originally planned to move on from San Juan del Sur in just a few weeks, and it looks like an opportunity to move to Chinandega (Ameya) may be opening up for us.  This both excites us, and is a little sad (we really like it here!).  Would you be praying with us in these next weeks as we make some big decisions on what is next? We do need to extend our visas sometime before May 10.


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