My Quinceanera! by Olivea

Today was my 15th birthday & what a day of celebrating I (we) had!

This was by far the best birthday ever!  I like to think that is all started on Monday when my dad came home with a bag.  I opened it up and pulled out a floor length, aqua colored one shouldered, ballgown.  He told me to try it on and said that Roxanna the hotel chef gave it to him for me.  He also said that he “didn’t know if it was a present, for sale, or to borrow”.  It was slightly big and so long that I HAD to wear high heels.  I dropped it off at the tailors so that she could take it in for me.  On Tuesday me and my sisters went to Playa Remanso to learn how to surf.  So much fun!  Then on Wednesday, my birthday, I woke up to hear that someone was going to come to do my nails and another lady at three for my hair.  Talk about a royal treatment!  My nails are on the green side of turquoise in color.  I have butterflies, gems, and stripes on my two ring fingers and big toes.  As for my hair… poofs, bumps, flowers, and braids.  Following the hair transformation was a walk around to multiple little shops looking for jewelry.  No luck.   My mom and Mayra then decided to look at Mirna’s (a local designer) stuff and sent me to pick up my dress and then to return home.  At 4:45 we started to get ready to go to dinner.  At this point I still thought we were going to Barrio Cafe just as a family.  We were all ready to go at about 5:15 but my mom said that they would call us because she had “made a reservation”.  We did end up getting a call… on the Colorado Vonage phone.   We sent Wes down to the hotel to “check on the laundry” and started on our way down.  Wes was taking a while inside so we went into the hotel to get him and he told me to go into the dining room.  That is when I “finally caught on” to the “prank” he was fooling.  I opened the doors hesitantly to be surprised with a room full of decorations and guests yelling Sorpresa (Surprise)!  Pastor David then said some prayers and read some verses from the bible.  After that my mom came up and gave me a bracelet to symbolize that God’s love is everlasting and earrings to remind me to keep my ears wide open to listen to His word.  All of the guests then gave me a hug and then their presents before we sat down for dinner.  Real fruit punch, steak, rice, salad, and bread followed by running around, dancing, cutting/eating the cake, and finally taking down the decorations. When we got home I sat down to open my presents… 2 dresses, 3 bags, 3 shirts, 1 scarf, 1 pair of shorts, 6 bracelets, 1 ring, 2 pairs of earrings, 1 necklace, 1 lip gloss, 1 scrunchy comb, 1 bottle of body mist, 1 jar of Aveda body cream, 2 fancy bobby pins, 1 double sided compact mirror, 1 tiny blue man, 1 Barbie leg, and lots of candy.  WOW! To finish off the best day ever we sat down and watched Oz the great and powerful in our living room with a bowl of popcorn.  The best ever!

Enjoy some pictures that my mom took of the day!

Reflections from Diane:  We’ve never been to a Quinceanera before, and so we had a lot to learn! We were blessed deeply to have so many woman in the community jump in with such enthusiasm to help give Olivea a great day.  In Central America many families put more savings and input into their daughters Quinceanera than they would even for their wedding.  There are many traditions – too many for us to pull off in just a few days or for our monthly budget, but I think with the help of so many we captured some important ones.  The celebration has deep spiritual roots, and Pastor David (from Christian Surfers) shared a wonderful message, blessing, and prayer.  We have asked David for his words, and hope to update this post with them soon.

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  • Brian Frable

    I love it! Thanks for sharing.

  • Kristi Armijo

    So fun. Happy birthday Olivia!

  • Michelle

    WOW!!! Olivia – your hair and that dress, holy cow!! You look absolutely GORGEOUS!! I loved your reflections and recap of the day – what a day to remember!! Happy Birthday beautiful lady :)

  • Carol

    Oh Olivia, happy birthyear to you! This is a super great gift that you shared all this with us. You look stunning – so clear of your right of passage into your unique, specific woman-child-being! I am so proud of your clarity (as seen in your eyes) and grace (as in your openness of spirit) in the face of the beauty you are. May you take the one-and-only you and live full sail into all God means you to be. Thank you for sharing yourself with us all! love, carol

  • Heather

    oh my heart- Olivea could not be more beautiful!!! Happy Birthday!! What a dream of a day!

  • Aunty Rita

    Wow, what an amazing day Miss Quince. Fantastic fellowship, and amazing up-do and dress. Enjoy the celebration.

  • Carol Boxley

    Olivea, Happy 15th! to a beautiful thoughtful and hardworking young lady. What a fun day!! What great friends you have made! We miss you all!

  • Bonnie Bailey

    Belated happy birthday – I bet you are still floating on the memory of your special day…that will be a fond memory for life! You are so beautiful (inside and out)! Thank you for sharing your special day with all of us.