International Christian Fellowship of Nicaragua Ladies Retreat – April 26 to 28

IMG_1650 I (Diane) was blessed this past weekend to be a part of a local women’s retreat.  The International Christian Fellowship of Nicaragua is made up of Christian women from a variety of backgrounds and denominations who gather for the purpose of encouragement, fellowship,  Bible study, and ministry within the English speaking community here in Nicaragua.  The group meets monthly in the Managua area and host one annual weekend retreat.  When our family was in Nicaragua in March 2012 with the Lyon family, Michelle and I had an opportunity to attend a monthly gathering with our friend Jane.  Michelle actually spoke that morning, and of course they invited her to return! We could have never known back then how this would all shake out and come to pass.   And, as He has a long history of doing, God did far more immeasurably than we could have ever asked or imagined!

As our family finds ourselves at nearly our 1/2 way point here in Nicaragua, 10 women from our church in Colorado (+ one of Audrey’s dearest friends) made the journey down to mark this milestone with us.  How awesome is that! I joined up with the group in Managua on Thursday night, and we headed out to the beautiful resort – Milagro del Mar, on Friday.  We spent the weekend, serving this incredible group of missionaries and both laughing and playing hard as we did.  Ingrid, Diane G., & Anna J. led us in Worship, and Michelle brought us the Word in a powerful way.  I had not realized how much I had missed singing with lots of women or the opportunity to receive teaching with such depth.  The theme of the weekend was The Power of God – a study of James 1.

I was grateful to serve and also to participate in this retreat.  It was an incredible blessing to me in so many ways.

Resort Web Site

Ola Verde Web site

Ingrid’s You Tube Video

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  • Michelle Lyon

    What a great snapshot of our glorious weekend. I LOVED being with you. Thanks for taking so many great pictures and creating a “story” that really was so much fun!!