Megan comes to visit – by Audrey

WOW!!! What a blast! I still can’t believe that Megan actually got to come for a visit! Megan is one of my best friends ever from Fort Collins, CO.  We ziplined through trees filled with Monkey’s, went shopping, walked on the beach, ate Eskimo Ice Cream, swam in the pool,  smashed a pinata, and ate the best food ever! I had saved up all of my allowance, so we got to buy matching jewelry, new cute shoes, and have as much ice cream as we wanted to.  Our time was way to short, but I will treasure it forever! Thanks for coming Megan!

On Thursday, Mike, Audrey, and I went to Managua to meet the team from Fort Collins.  They traded me for Megan.  I headed to the Ladies Retreat, and Megan returned to San Juan del Sur with Mike and Audrey.  I was so sad to miss out on nearly her entire time here, but in looking at the pictures and hearing all of the excitement from all 4 girls, I know a fun time was had by all.  Thanks Knierim family for gifting us in such a huge way! Oh how we love your entire family!

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  • Barb Knierim

    Thanks for taking all of that time to make this for me, and I hope to see you soon. I had a super great time and I hoped that it would never end!

    Your Friend,

    Megan Knierim