Back to Ameya

We’ve been here almost 3 months now, and so a trip back to Ameya has felt long over due. We returned to Managua, got 1/2 of the Ft. Collins team back onto an airplane, and then the rest of us headed north.  It’s not a very exciting drive, but we were in a both clean and air conditioned bus, and the company was fantastic! We arrived in Chinandega in the early afternoon, and wasted no time to get back to Ameya.

Driving down the Ameya road...

Driving down the Ameya road…

We pulled in to the church yard and many were there waiting for our arrival.  I was so pleased to see how much some of the kids had grown since I had last seen them in August, and sad to see so many still with cloudy hungry eyes.  We had brought a simple activity with us and everyone wanted to participate – including the teen boys which always makes me happy.

We returned the next day to participate in the libraries mobile project, and visited two different schools.  Thanks to Preston Middle School in Fort Collins, CO we also brought with us some gifts.  The teachers were most excited about getting new white board markers, and the kids were most excited about the sports equipment – of course they put it to good use right away! The second school that we visited was in great shape.  They even had their own library which is quite rare.

Ingrid (a member of our team) & Wes took some video footage to send back to Preston Middle School.  You can see the first batch of video here.

Preston Middle School Video Footage #1

We returned to the church for lunch and a little down time.  I enjoyed catching up with Pastor Fransico and getting some ideas together for our hopeful return in June.

At 4:00 the church yard was packed! In the morning, Wes and Edwin had gone around house to house to count kids in households, and let people know we would be passing out Mosquito Nets at the church.  And the families came! The are nets the Preston Middle School purchased, and what an honor it was to be a part of the group to give them out.  They were beautiful nets, in all sorts of colors.  It was great to let the moms choose their favorite color! We followed up with a church service, and most of the woman came while the kids played hard outside.  The Ft. Collins women led the church service, and it was a Spirit filled time!

It had been a very long day, and we were beat, but we ended it with dinner at a local place with about 10 leaders from the Ameya church.  I sat next to Kenia who is a preschool teacher for the school and the Children and Youth Pastor for the church.  I also sat next to the English teacher for the vocational school who helped me translate when I got in a pinch for words.

Miranda took some fun pictures too!





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