Almuerzo de Primavera Evento para Mujeres

Today I was blessed to both serve and participate in a luncheon for women here in San Juan del Sur.  “Almuerzo de Primavera Evento para Mujeres”! Hosted by Christian Surfers Church (Calvary Chapel) here in San Juan, it was an outreach to mothers of many of the kids/teens who come to church as well as for other women here in our community.  I was super excited that 4 of the 5 women I had invited came! Two later shared with me that it was a significant experience for them.  It is times like these that I am so frustrated by my Spanish, and the language barrier that still exists for me.

Cecilia Trent was our speaker and she communicated a great word.  I am so excited to continue to see how God will work in the lives of these beautiful women.

Ahora, pues, ninguna condenación hay para los que están en Cristo Jesús, los que no andan conforme a la carne, sino conforme al Espíritu (Romans 8:1)

So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus. (Romans 8:1)

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