The Hammock Shop and Other Shopping in Masaya!

On our way home from Ameya a few weeks ago, we stopped off in Masaya to do a little shopping.  Our first stop was at the Hammock Shop.  It was fun to watch the guys weave.  We came very close to buying some really awesome wood framed chairs, but were glad we held off until we could check with the airlines first.  We were sad to learn that these $25.00 chairs would cost $230.00 each to check as luggage as they were slightly over size on their height and would also need to be tagged “Fragile”.  :-( There are so many amazing things we could bring home with us in August, and as of yet, we’ve bought nothing.  As much as I love to look at little things, I am not so much a nick-nack girl in my home.  And, yet, we would love to have some treasures from our time here too.  Good thing we’ve got another 3 months to go to find that perfect something!

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