Our Time in Matagalpa


The Rutledge Family served in Matagalpa for many years.  They founded a church, and a few years ago, were able to pass the leadership of it on to a Nicaraguan Pastor.  Their home was used for many things though, so even though they were re-locating to Jinotega, they kept their house in Matagalpa for a ministry home.   It is a large 4 bedroom house, so visiting groups can be quite comfortable here.  We have been blessed to stay here this week, and are enjoying working on a few projects to get the house ready for all of the summer groups that will begin to arrive in the next couple of weeks.  A pastor and his family live upstairs, and some of the spaces are shared between both households.  It feels a lot like community to us! We like it!

Click here for more information on this amazing city!

A few more pictures from Miranda’s camera!


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  • Heather

    oh my goodness- the food all looks so good to me! i feel like i just spent the day with your whole family – except not you because you are not in the pics :-( . Miss you all!