…& the Cicro came to town!

The day we returned to San Juan del Sur from our time up in Matagalpa, we learned that the Cicro (the Circus) was in town.  4 of the 5 kids were super excited to go, so we researched the time & cost, and then made plans to attend.  Like most things in our day to day here in Nicaragua, we had no idea what we were getting in to! Ha! I’ll label our pictures (Diane), but I’ll let Miranda tell the rest of the story.  :-)

I think that the circus was fun but i think that it had some dumb acts too.

the acts where:  
2 Acrobats – Wes, Olivea, & Audrey’s favorite
3 Dog acts
1 Ostrich running in a circle
2 Clown acts – My dads favorite
1 Juggling act – Mine and my moms favorite
2 Dance acts
1 Monkey in a dress
2 Teletubbies
1 Creepy pig
1 Sid the sloth
1 Whinny the Poo
We where waiting for the Lion to come out of the cage and at least run in a circle, but we never saw the lion in the circus rink.  :-(
The food at the circus was really cheep, The popcorn was c$20 for a bag full and c$25 for a Pepsi cup full.   There are c$24 in a $1 US.  The cotton candy cost 10 Cordobas (c$10)
although the cotton candy tasted like brown sugar. Oh, and the bleachers that we had to sit on where metal poles bent into a stair shapes with peices of wood laid across them.
It was so creepy, but the show and the food where good.   It was a little dangerous, so I am glad that we lived.  Overall, it was a good value and I was glad that we went to check it out.  If it came to town again though, I think I would just take a pass.  
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