Arte en el Parque

Today we hosted another Art in the Park.  We really look forward to doing this, and having missed a week because we were out of town,  we had some extra fun surprises planned.  I wish we would have brought water and healthy snacks though too.  Several of the kids who came were hungry, and I know everyone – including me could have used some water.  We’ll plan better next week!

Our group felt small for some reason, but we did have 24 kids in all.  More kids came as we were picking up, but we encouraged them to come next week.  We only did 1/2 of what we had planned, so we’ll have plenty of options for next week too.  I found  two boxes of Wiki Sticks at a thrift store in Rivas and I am super excited to let the kids try these out.  Stay tuned for next weeks pictures for the Wiki Sticks – in the meantime here’s a look at what the kids did today.

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