A Little Procession to Start our Day!

We awoke this morning to firecrackers and canons going off…and then a marching band going down the street, so we knew something was up! The procession was a mix of people with 2 in particular holding a box with a pillow on it where they were happily tossing a statue up and down.  We thought it was Jesus, but quickly found out it was actually John the Baptist.  John the Baptist is the patron saint of San Juan del Sur.  His big celebration is the end of the month, but I guess the whole month with give him tribute, so it being June 1st and all, let the celebrations begin!

Miranda took a few short videos on her camera, but we still didn’t get any shots of the statue! Ha! Enjoy the music!

Miranda’s Video #1 (just 9 seconds long!)

Miranda’s Video #2 (just 47 seconds long!)



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