The Procession of the Staff of Rah…

Another procession we don’t understand the full meaning behind – but with better pictures and video footage (see links below the pictures)! Wesley thinks it’s for the latest Raider’s of the Lost Ark movie.  :-) Just kidding!

Most processions are similar to this one – with the band, the people, and the very simple thing that fires stuff in the air and makes a loud noise.  We sometimes think they are silly (because we can’t seem to stop looking with our “American” eyes), but we really do like them.  When we hear the band, we really go running to “get there” – as do most of the rest of people in town.  It is effective in gathering – at least capturing the attention of folks.  Church folks, dirty surfer folks, young folks, old folks…Some join the procession by walking along, and some just come outside to watch as it goes by.  But, for a moment most other activity in town stops, and people really do pay attention.

32 Seconds of Processional FUN! (Don’t forget to click your browsers back button when you are done watching, to return to our blog.)

Ever wonder where the BIG Kaboom comes from? 33 seconds of seeing how right here! :-)

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