Quick update for you all on Brittney’s family.  (If you haven’t read our post “Meet Brittney” yet…back track a few days and read it first.)

After consulting with some locals we decided to patch the roof for now.  It is only a band-aid at best, but as it is in fact the rainy season, it is probably our best option.  It will keep the kids (& their few things) dry.  This is a project we could begin & complete, plus fully fund with the time we have before we move on Thursday, so that feels great too.  Wes & Mike were joined by Steven (Brittney’s brother) & a local man Pablo who has experience with the materials we used.  The 4 of them were able to finish the roofing job in just 2 days work!

While the guys were out roofing, us girls went shopping! We saw some other needs the family had so we thought we could see if we could take care of just a few.  Our town is pretty small, so we grabbed a “collectivo” (a taxi) to Rivas.  Rivas is the next larger town from us – just about 20 minutes away in a taxi (45 on a bus).

How convenient.  We were invited to dinner as a thank you for helping with the roof project.  All of these other gifts are still a surprise.  Dinner will give us a great opportunity for the “Big Reveal”!

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