Villas del Cortijo

We made it to Chinandega.  We were blessed to have Edwin & Agusto get us to Managua and then Edwin and Juan Garcia the rest of the way to Chinandega.  We had a meeting in Managua with Food For the Hungry, that was really great.  This incredible organization is doing some pretty amazing things in this country  – specifically in Ameya! We made a quick stop at Pricesmart (Costco) and then had lunch with Heather and Esau before they headed off for Guatemala to lead some groups for our denominations missions trip experts – Merge.   We will miss our dear friends! We thought we would share pictures of our new home – it is super posh by Nica standards and by far our largest home we’ve had.  It’s a little hard to reconcile our place when across the street there are people living in extreme poverty.  At the same time, we find ourselves extremely grateful knowing we are in a safe place that we can relax in after a long hot day of loving others.  So, friends, welcome to our new home.

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