Frank Rivas

So much fun! We love that on our 1st night in town we had 1 family over and on our 2nd we got to have 2! Frank Rivas works for a local radio station and is an incredible host.  We met him on our first trip to Chinandega, and seemed to bump into him everytime since.  On Thursday as we traveled north, we stopped into a store in Managua to pick up a few groceries, and were delighted to find him in the same store! We had only been to our new home a few hours when he brought his family over to welcome us to town.

Tonight, Frank brought over a new family for us to meet.  Carlos, Nicole, and their children.  Carlos is Nica, and Nicole is Canadian.  A bilingual friend is a good friend to have.  She’s a stay at home mom eager to help us however we need.  :-) Such a gift.

We ended the evening by pulling out all of our silly hats and masks again (we’ve gotten a lot of mileage from these!).  They were more than happy to put them on quick for a group picture!

IMG_3305 IMG_3306 IMG_3307

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