From time to time, people ask us about our day to day.  One thing that is a much bigger deal here for us than in Colorado is getting our laundry washed! A typical Nicaraguan family has a cement washboard sink outside – washing machines are really quite a luxary item.  While in San Juan del Sur we could use the machines at our friend Jane’s hotel in and around the hotel laundry.  All this was conditional on the fact that the town actually had A.  Water and B.  Electric.  It wasn’t always easy or convenient, but it certainly fit into our budget and we were super grateful.  In a pinch, the house we lived in also had a washboard sink out back! We were set!

Here is Chinandega we find ourselves laundry challenged! Our days are filled with dirtier than ever opportunities and our current place has no machine or washboard sink and washing for a family of 7 in the bathroom sink just isn’t so practical.

We found for $11 US a load, the manager of our building would take it to someone and then bring it back to us.  Having not paid for it so far, this seemed really high – so we went on a hunt!

In town, we found a real live laundromat.  The first one of its kind that we’ve seen here in Nicaragua.

I couldn’t get them to tell me how much it was per load for us to do it ourselves.  Only that it was $8 US for full service (for them to wash and dry it for us).  Still seemed high – maybe I am just cheap!

Hurray! Later on this same day, we learned our friend Nicole (originally from Canada) had a machine and double hurray! Nicole would let us come over once a week to use it! Such a good gift.  Nicole only has a washer, so we will air dry either outside or in our spacious salon  – indoor if it is raining.

We love how God helped to take care of this for us and so many other bigger things too!

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