Dance Competition – by Olivea, Elaina, & Diane


What an honor! I still can’t believe the Ameya girls asked me to be a part of their group for a local dance competition.  At first, I didn’t know what it was for, but as the details came out I grew more and more excited.  When they needed one more dancer, Elaina volunteered to dance too!

We talked a lot about what we would wear, and we settled on wearing our own white shirts and having purple skirts made.  We each would chip in 20 cordoba’s to cover the cost.  After practice one day we went to the seamstresses house to be measured and to drop off our fabric.

As a surprise for the girls I offered to buy everyone a new matching shirt – Pastor ended up picking our some plane T-shirts that could be printed on.  Not super pretty, but practical, and all of the girls were so excited! :-)

We practiced everyday!

The night had come, and we were super excited to jump on the truck and travel to the event with the whole group.

We really had no idea what to expect, but this seemed about right.  LOTS & LOTS of groups from churches all over Nicaragua and even one from Canada! There was singing, drama, & dance.  Ameya was well represented with both guys and girls dance groups, and a band.  Many families from the church made the trip to town as well to watch and support the kids.

And the results are in!

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